Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Every day I recognise, What's deceased and what's alive, But don't repeat what I just said, Until boulders turn to lead

So many references to The Matrix, have it be your job, family, friends, life -- How many Neo's are there actually in the world? I suppose people pay attention more than I give them credit for, but when you roll around in a big city, you can't help be being consumed by the mass populous.

Additionally, mass transit lends itself to a greater psychological need to customize your wardrobe. The neatness up north is watching matching hats and matching scarfs. Little do I pay attention to these accessories as a country boy from the south, but I'm finding its a personality staple here, and a ten minute people watching session reveals the importance.

Also, seeing chunks of people remind me of your personal groups (i.e. your pub buddies, your work buddies, religious buddies, and your buddies you can say anything to) -- What makes these groups fall apart, and what is the binding agents that keeps groups together as personalities and human nature evolves. I'd love to know the bond that keeps these groups together, for as I've had so many groups that come and go, although safe in heart and mind, things change, people change.

I suppose reasonable minds vary on how engaged you are in group norms, and what groups you participate in.

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