Sunday, October 05, 2008

The lights in the city are more or less blinking Which side of the story decides what you're thinking Warm arms and cold faces

Needless to say, writers block has struck.

1 -- Think about if people didn't frame every issue in a political sense. This of the toxicity and hatred that comes with the pursuit of power. Think of the cognitive dissonance that comes from political affiliation. This, and every election I applaud the swing vote. In talking with conservatives I often get the 'neither candidate is any good,' which means, if 'we' don't have a good candidate, no one can. I've often asked if Ronald Reagan and all of his splendor would come back as a democrat, would you vote for him? More often than not, the answer is no.

2 -- By turning off the TV everyone would save themselves a lot of grief. Stock market goes up, stock market goes down, bouncing around, and if the the tv wasn't on, you'd be oblivious to all the doom and gloom headlines.

3 -- At what point did half the country wake up and say 'the government is bad.' Sure its inefficient and ineffective, but a lot of that is by design, jobs, wages, etc. It's a consistent 'revenue model,' like it or not. What makes people apprehensive about asking the government for help? The 'bailout' proves there is an imbalance in the system.

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