Sunday, October 26, 2008

Morning Prayers took the Girl Unawares, She was Late for Class and She Knew It

A brisk walk around Toronto yesterday, mp3 player on shuffle, thoughts swirling around in the head, its like you're in your own little music video at times. How would I describe Toronto? Take NYC, Chicago, San Francisco and Seattle, shake them up in a jar, condense them into a 4 mile by 4 mile radius, and there you have it. It's a fine city, and the personality changes every song or two, with more to discover.

Thoughts of digital nomads came to mind, and how finding belonging and identity come to mind. I cross reference this with Dante's Divine Comedy. In The Divine Comedy, Dante carries the cross of Christianity down into the depths of hell, he does it with great conviction and does not falter, despite being tested by some pretty vile characters. You see, the inner depths are filled with horrible things like monsters bathing in boiling blood, and the rings going out get less vile. The next ring out you'd have evil entities like the eye of sauron, followed by all the generals in wars, of course the artists, poets and intellectuals are down there as well. The most interesting group down there in my opinion lies in the outer most, limbo, which basically is the individuals who don't stand for anything.

Despite weather you agree with Dante's mumbo jumbo, who else would you rather have as your crusader for Christ if not Dante. Slow and steady, no fear, been to the depths of hell and back with God on his side.

Walking through new places, seeing new people, understanding that you're a blip on the radar and life is full of possibilities, is fulfilling yet taxing on the soul. What cause do I stand for, I haven't figured that out yet, but once I do I'm all in.

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