Sunday, October 26, 2008

On a mountainside, well below the stars, keep your lovers eyes in mason jars

Every time I look at a high place, Curtain Calls by the Old 97's come to mind -- I recall rolling around Berlin and having the BEST time with this album. That time I was heading to Alexanderplatz (which for some reason I think is a focal point in my universe) with a currywurst in hand. This time I'm rollin' with a waffle type thing from chinatown en-route to the CN tower, a building this man says to be haunted.

Interesting enough, the CN tower, until this year, was the worlds tallest structure. It's amazing at the top, and like Randy Newmann would say, it's lonely at the top too. Why? Because its so damn higher than ANYTHING in the skyline. The Umpire state building, the sears tower, eiffel, and other high stuff at least has some company up there.

As puts it, the higest blade of grass is the first one to get cut. The folks in Dubai have conjured up this to beat the record.

Here's what Howard Roark said about all of this -- The individual against the collective --


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