Friday, October 31, 2008

Philosophy -- is a walk on the slippery rocks, Religion is a light in the fog

Seth Godin talks about Dips, I've been thinking about humps --

There are humps we always come across in life, and we make concious efforts to get over the humps, or let them control us -- Two things happen when we don't try to excel 1) we become complacent, or 2) We know exactly what we are doing wrong, and feel like the puppy who sh*t in the corner.

Things I've overcome in my life --

To get energy you have to give energy -- I've had my days of being a couch potato, but I've forced myself to get up, exercise, take the elevator, walk to the store, go on a bike ride, read on the go, push my body to do things I thought it never could do.

Financial Independence -- Lived a life of excess through my 20's, In the future, in times where cash is king, I will be able to cash in -- The time wasn't pretty, but the bleeding has almost stopped. It took a lot of reading, studying, self improvement.

Timidness -- Curiosity now reigns supreme. Out of the Shiner starting blocks and on to Europe, first time I was wimpy and scared, this soon turned into excitement, now it's excitement with a coat of 'look at all these people getting herded on the plane,' can't we work something out better than this?

I used to be swayed / intimidated by titles, positions, people, etc. Now I feel like when I'm in the same room with someone, I'm entitled to an opinion, I'll ask the tough questions and certainly feel out the 'what's in it for me perspective'.

Things I've yet to overcome --

The widget that will take my career to the next level -- All it takes is a small but good idea that plays to the hearts and minds of the populous, at a mere 5 bucks a month.

The whole person perspective -- I'm exceeding some areas, I'm failing miserably in others

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