Sunday, October 26, 2008

Phone my family, tell them I'm lost, on the sidewalk

Yesterday, an Indian buffet, one with chilies that would make the best of em' sweat

A city full of parks, and black squirrels, there is even a legendary albino squirrel too.

The Dakota Tavern, mimics The Continental Club in Austin

Kensington Market,

Inside Graffiti's Bar, I would have to say Toronto's one in a million place.

Bread and Circus, friendly owner, Pulp Fiction sounding band, enthusiastic dancers.

Cloak and Dagger, you know the place had to be good, one that smells like beer.

Inside Bread, Bar looking out, occasionally a tourist would stick their head in, then retreat.

Lots of murals / wall art, all around good vibe.

Sitar's seem to be the instrument of choice for street performers.

Graffiti's from the outside, innocent enough.

Carry over from the Zombie Walk from the previous week, a band in the street. Wonder if that's where the Shin's get the Zombie walk reference. Funny that skeletor was in Graffiti before he began the gig.

Finally, Sunset over college street, beautiful ending of the day.

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