Thursday, November 13, 2008

Home- will infect what ever you do We're Home- comes to life from outa the blue

The social divide is alive and well more than ever these days.

There are divides in family, divides in what role the male and female should play, divides in ethnicity (Barack Obama isn't 'black enough', etc). There are divides in education levels, workers with unions and without, red vs. blue politics.

So what happens to when things get 'too big to fail?,' and there is an abundance of everything? You have greed, corruption, apathy, and complacent souls -- all bad, and can happen with excessive government or excessive capitalism.

How is the individual empowered in this day and age, other than collaboration amongst peers? How does the individual effect change in a world with no accountability? What does the modern day rebellion look like? Scary....

What does this mean in terms of the psychology of the 'cool kid' and what it makes people strive for? Why does the divide have to be prom queen or nerd, why is everything so dramatic, and why do people fall for it? -- Life is full of subtle irony, but not the stuff we're force feed because 'we' like it. Hence what does it make us 'long for', consequently 'settle for?'

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