Sunday, November 16, 2008

The railway ticket states the destination but it doesn't mean That we will show

Rolando, Mike D and Jenny run the half marathon this morning, the first annual one in downtown San Antonio, 30,000 people show. At the end of it all, the man from Kenya did the 26 miles just a tad before our valiant here's did the half, but I'm proud of the guys.

Waking up the 30 degrees, the snowflake by the temperature in the Jetta, I'm thinking, damn poor folks, however, it turned out to be an extremely beautiful day.

The ATT center, situated to herd 30,000 people into charter buses, school buses, you name it.

The before picture, I could tell everyone was hyped.

The after picture, everyone was in great spirits, they wanted to have some beers, and plan the soak-body-in-ice-water.

Thanks goodness Mark was there and Casey made the trip up to support the gang. We went to Shoney's and ate all you can eat breakfast while our protagonists ran the race, which literally made me sick to my stomach, for bad food, and all for the sake of feeling left behind. I'm turning lumpy, we can't have this.

So what DO I leave behind, this stuff, bacon, sausage, french toast, and don't forget the CHICKEN FINGERS on the buffet. The gang has penciled in the marathon in July 2009, running the whole thing, I vowed to do the half, and I start preparing this week, and I've decided to find a running group.

I HATE RUNNING WITH A PASSION, THE THOUGHT OF A TREADMILL MAKES ME SICK, but as some wise dudes say, make your greatest weakness your greatest strength.

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What's with the piece of dog poo on your plate?