Friday, November 28, 2008

So tell me what the hell is normal and who the hell is sane? And why the hell care anyway?

Last few years there's always been a countdown of the greatest albums of the year. A precursor to that this year, for creatures of habit like myself is to highlight what I will name my favorite band of my generation, The Divine Comedy.

Mr. Hannon has clarified so much for me in the last 10 years, he's helped me over some humps, and continues to put things into perspective. The more I listen, the more I find, the more I grow.

The top ten tunes from the DC shot from the hip with the word that represents accordingly.

10 -- Songs of Love -- Unity -- It tells me that the masses are the masses and that if you stay away from the masses you are still OK. There is that 'group' of introspective people you're able to tap, you have that common bond with someone, a 'band of brothers' so to speak, the meek. Why I like it musically -- battling harpsichord and guitar, 3 party harmonies.

9 -- Gin Soaked Boy -- Balance -- 'I'm the sadness in the joy, I'm the gin in the gin-soaked boy,' a barrage of opposites are put together with a shot out to Jeff Goldblum at the conclusion. The song says you can be 'this' in a world of 'that', and you're better off for it. Reminds me of a quote from a Steve Segal movie 'what does it take to change the essence of man.'

8 -- Don't Look Down -- Spiritual -- Says to employ doubt and pessimism, yet give the nod to the gods, and when you least expect it, the angles will come down and give you the ride of your life. In the meantime, do what you need to do, do it with great courage, conviction and energy, and the rest works itself out in the wash.

7 -- Perfect Lovesong -- Love -- It's nothing that's assuming, its kind hearted, funny, and implies no pressure, confusion or complication. Damn, its sooo the place I want to be, a place of peace, motivation and inspiration, a place that's consistent and understanding, a place of rest, a place of solace, a place of mutual admiration.

6 -- Bad Ambassador -- Humor -- A type of humor that only comes from a self actualized human being who states the humor in who they are, where they are going, the circles they would like to 'roll in', but yet understand and articulate limitations in these thoughts and ideas, lives in a lofty place in mind, body and spirit, dreams good dreams. Sentiments that say, I can work well with an audience, any audience, but inside the bubble, its magic.

5 -- The Beauty Regime -- Fulfillment -- A song that piece by piece dissects the bullshit aspects of celebrity culture, while building up how special you are in the same breath. It's easy to 'get', the message that says live your life for you.

4 -- Tonight We Fly -- Inspiration -- Thinking of this makes me think of Alladin on his little magic carpet, flying over houses, looking at the human element, seeing the searches and battles raging on. It inspires me to think 'we're all in this together,' and that awareness, then empathy are keys to human understanding.

3 -- A Lady of A Certain Age -- Sadness -- Sadness in excess, sadness in too much individual thought. A song that follows the life and times of a woman who becomes more and more distressed. You learn a lot from staring into that abyss, its great to do it for a bit, then say, damn, it sucks down there, and that's NOT where I want to be. A song that says, 'figure out the human element in relation to things that are important and true, or you will die a lonesome depressing death.'

2 -- Charmed Life -- Hope -- A song that articulates the difficulty of taking the high road, and the inherent benefits of doing so. Layers of happiness, layers of beacons, layers of life's little lessons, both practical and hidden in meaning.

1 -- Mastermind -- Freedom -- The deepest song I've heard in the last 10 years. The message ranges from conformity, tenacity, introspection, temptation, realization, reassurance, threats and opportunity. Once you make it through line by line, listen after listen, layer on layer, you know a hell of a lot more about yourself.

When you lift up the rug, internalize what you think and feel, what do you see under it? 10 years of The Divine Comedy has cleared the dirt and dead bodies.

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