Tuesday, November 18, 2008

the tide that left and never came back is on my mind tonight

Lots of song lyrics hovering in around during my bean heartburn infested jog this evening --

There's literal and non-literal interpretation in all words, thoughts and deeds, for years I've spouted out words, but the undertone has always been in the song lyric in the title of the post. If I'm quoting Eliot Smith, I'm usually not having a good day, despite what I write, Rhett Miller, cynical and playful, The Shins or Belle and Sebastian, I'm thinking about a collective of thought too hard to describe or understand.

Non-Literal -- an example, Murder or a Heart Attack, buy the Old 97's. If you take a gander at the lyrics below, a non-literal interpretation would be, boy and girl have relationship, one person leaves without warning or due to wandering heart, the other person rolls the dice by always keeping alive the possibility that the person who has left will come back.

\\We assign meaning to things and all of sudden those things have power over us.

Check out lyrics, and the literal interpretation follows, as per a story told at a live show.

And the hole
In the screen is barely big enough for you
And not near enough for me to go

And the whole damn complicated
Situation could've been
Avoided if I'd only shut the window

And I may be leavin' myself open
To a murder or a heart attack
But I'm leavin' the back door open
'Til you come back, 'til you come back


Literal Interpretation - Rhett's livin' with his girl in LA. He forgets to shut the window, their cat jumps out and disappears, he's now scared that his girl is gonna murder him or she's going to have a heart attack when she finds out, so he looks for the cat relentlessly (no pun intended) and finally decides on leaving the door open till the cat comes home.

Like the lyrics in I'M A CUCKOO, people take to signs, but I think the reality is people assign value to signals, and that signal only has the value you give it.

I always attempted to bridge my literal and non-literal ideas for the sake of whole person progress, it's taken a toll on the soul. The brain is full of interesting nuance that's beneficial to explore.

Why do people do it? Framing information (thought, speech, word, and action) in different contexts is interpretative (good connotation), slippery (bad connotation), often you have to grab the few words from the wordsmith who lives in the area between literal and non-literal, come to a conclusion and run with it.

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meghanwarby said...

Past 2 posts remind me of Polonius in Hamlet - "Brevity is the soul of wit" he told his son ("You gotta be brief, break it down, average attention span, etc." Robertisms)

After Polonius said that TRUE statement, he rhymed & meandered for many lines, until the Queen interrupted him & asked that he get to the point.

SO yeah - outside last post's prety unclear aim (think b/c of proofing - ofs/fors/ands/ins are murky)

You have valuable advice (somewhere...I think), but if you keep speaking like Polonius we will miss/forget it.

Yours truly,
The Queen