Sunday, November 09, 2008

With your sheets like metal and your belt like lace, And your deck of cards missing the jack and the ace

I've always equated life to the card game, especially finding that special someone or something. The idea has always been if you demand the best, you will get the best. My 'me blog' helps me internalize thoughts and feelings.

Two pairs, full house, straight, flush -- I think the main thing to do is achieve consistency in knowing when to hold em' and when to fold em'. There's plenty country boys out there that have a 45,000 dollar truck in front of a trailer house, hence full house on the truck, high card on the house. Lots of times I fold, I'm looking for the high stakes hands, while doing that I find the high stakes players. Poker is still poker, regardless of if you're playing with a bunch of smucks or you're playing with innovators in the field.

I know a lot of people who 'have a system' as it pertains to 'the game,' -- I.e., if you have these cards, you do this, if you have these, you do this. Although these individuals are successful, I can't comply with the ideology. Someone once told Wal-Mart as they were entering their online prescience, you're not going to out Amazon -- hence Wal-Mart didn't play a heavy hand. Same thing with fly by the seat of their pants entrepreneurs, the question always becomes end state -- doing it for fun, fine, doing it for exposure, cool, doing it to make money -- think about how many twitter knockoffs there are, is it that the heavy hand you want to play?

I've been thinking about 'the bubble I'm in' and framing thoughts in this way. As I sit here tonight, I realize its more of a time management thing, and an opportunity cost thing. There are activities that will enhance my future, some that have no impact, and there are some that have a negative impact on my future. My entire 20's, minus the travel, there were a lot of activities I partook in that were a negative impact in my life, and right now my growing pain is trying to squeeze these out.

As your human plate tectonics shift, I've found that you can internalize conclusions, plant seeds and see what grows, live life with expectations but patience.

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