Wednesday, December 31, 2008

drawn to the flame

everyone throws out bullet points for the years end, what came to focus from 2008.

bullet points --\\ gotta look past them, everyone reads the bullet points, not too many read the long boring paragraphs and accept the cold hard realities of their respective fields

aggrigator v producer --\\ anyone can aggrigate, less can produce content worth aggrigating -- integration of it all is the only thing that gives you a competitive advantage these days

learn mechanics--\\ know the tools out there, and figure out what purpose to use them for. just b/c a swiss army knife has 60 blades doesn't mean you have to use them all -- if you use the screwdriver to try to cut something....nothing good comes of that, etc

ideas / and execution--\\ ideas are a dime a dozen if you don't execute. if you think someone else is going to execute your brilliant idea, think again -- i've come to understand if you want your endeavor to take off, you have to babysit it from start to finish

stock market vs fantasy football-- \\ the stock market is easier to predict than fantasy football.

aggressively persue goals w/ eye on prize-- \\ find something that needs to be done within your scope, agressively execute -- accept the diligence needed for the task at hand

intuition and courage-- \\ is personal, is key, is the make or break--- you can read books, blogs, tweets, wikis and countless other sources on information, you gotta mold them together, add value, and retrofit for your specific task, and execute.

finally --\\ you're not going to outdo what's already been done

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