Sunday, December 14, 2008

giving into the blue sky and to the gold eye of what is possible, giving one in a million, you be the engine of what is possible

Time for the top ten of 2008, most are repeats and oldies, some sentimental to the heart, but the top 10 surly does change when you move out of a music city. Your musical knowledge and 'in the know' seems to shrivel on the vine.

With that being said, its been a great year for the soul, and the soundtrack reflects. It also reflects someone that's getting old.

10 - Conor Oberest / Conor Oberest and Racounters - Consolers Of The Lonely -- Number 10 is a tie between these two great. Conor is a great songwriter that surrounds himself with some of my favorites, too deep to be considered whiny emo. The Racounters are there b/c of the mere precense of Mr Benson, the Jack White singing style gets to me every now and then, but its a great jam. This year used it as a pump Roland and Mike D up for the Marathon car drive.

9 -- Belle and Sebastian -- BBC Sessions -- Even if they'd fart on a snare and record, they'd be in the top 10. An album that shows there ain't much studio magic to their perfection.

8 -- John Denver's Greatest Hits -- What memories are made of. Mike P and D and I rolling throught the mountains of Colorado with Mr Rocky Mountain high hippie on repeat. We did see it raining fire in the sky on Mike P's wedding trip. The soundtrack is memorable if you take something like this, roll it on repeat, get annoyed, get past annoyance, and sing at the top of your lungs. I'm there, just got to get the others in the car to that point.

7 -- Fleet Foxes -- The only mainstream hipster band on the list. I like them because of the reverb, the lyrics, the nice little fills.

6 -- Old 97's Blame it On Gravity -- Rhett and the Boys put out consistently good stuff. Rollin with the top down in Shiner, acting cool, blaring these tunes. Not to mention, even people who aren't up on music can hop in the car and say, hey, this sounds good. It's approachable and hip.

5 -- Dan Wilson -- Free Life -- Album that talks about love, love, love, and spins it every which way. In my line of work we deal with analytics and OLAP cubes, well Dan can spin that cube any and every which way in this album, as it pertains to love. He traded in his gyrating hips of Semisonic for a solo career, and producer of great albums like the recent Dixie Chicks.

4 -- Ben Folds -- Way too Normal --He has the crowd pleaser song with Regina Spector, love it, and also......

He's the geek that puts the mistery, debate, and complexity behind in defining gender roles. This little dude brings a huge set of nuts to the debate, representin' for the intellectual, representin' for the non-athletic type.

The first line of the song says it all...

(The answer you seek my son only poses more questions.
Ask many women why relationship has failed.
Each woman offer unique reason for demise.
One woman may say, "man could not commit."
Or, "man is douche, and is now free to make love to himself instead."
Another woman may say, "man had changed,"
or even, "man no longer satisfactory lover."
But my son, ask many men same question all over the world, "why has relationship failed?" Each man, each time, will give same, simple answer.) ---- The B*tch went nuts..

3 -- Billy Bragg -- Mr Love and Justice -- Billy brings me a contemporary outlook on life throught the lense of an active Brit. Uncanny that I agree with most he preaches, he's a positive vibe in a world full of trouble.

2 -- David Byrne -- Everything that Happens -- Wow, caught on to this one late, but Byrne works wonders with the album, his vocals are amazing. The man is superhuman.

1 -- Josh Ritter -- The Historical Conquests of Josh Ritter -- Number one goes to the album that was in my car CD player for the first 6 months of the year. Driving to work, I listened to the Temptation of Adam at least 5,000 times. The music is emotionally anomous despite deep lyrics and insite.

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