Friday, December 26, 2008

It's on Amerika's Tortured Brow, That Mickey Mouse has grown up a cow

I'd say there are changes coming in 2009, first coming with saving, saving for a better day, saving to spend later. Interesting and unique opportunities are all over the place, and I'm going to labor to capitalize.

Makes me think of a line of thought in Crashproof, in which the author talks about western 'information technology service sector' being overstretched. Generalizations about manufacturing jobs being lost and about how the world isn't awe'd by the American consumer also shine through.

For my future as an wanna be entrepreneur, what this guy probably will say in this book...If your idea says something like 'well get 'them' to hook into 'this'' , you're screwed. Cute is saturated. If it can't be done in your living room with your best buddy, you're playing a finite game and marching with the herd.

The money will stay on the sideline for some time, but will be there to scale a solid idea that can be monetized.

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