Monday, December 08, 2008

So go play with your piano Write a mediocre song Out the shell of mediocrity And pretend there’s nothing wrong

Tonight is one of those nights everything sorta hurts, a night of limbo. During whiteboard session with Mike P on ACROBAT>COM, I asked 'what should I blog about,' the answer, 'an epiphany', your latest one.

Had to really look the word up to see what it meant. The definition, 'A sudden revelation of truth inspired by a seemingly trivial incident.' Guess those things are good, and I think you can condition yourself to have more and more of them.

Here's where I have them, and what they pertain to --
  • While sitting in my cube, I have to get up, walk around, figure out how to disseminate, diffuse, and catalog next steps moving forward
  • Sitting in pubs with friends of like minds, who cultivate ideas, no trolls
  • Visual queues, looking at something, man made or nature, going 'damn, there's something really significant about that'
  • Being vigorously hard on the heart and mind, body and soul, constant probing as long as I can withstand -- I always figure there will be time for rest one day, or not

What I do with them --
  • Frame it context, act.
  • Push the envelope
  • Weave into your existence
  • Share / Communicate, the most important part
Epiphany's are out there, observance is key.

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