Thursday, December 04, 2008

what was i supposed to do, standin there lookin at you, a lonely voice far from home

Purpose --

Driving home in the middle of massive traffic, I stopped to think, what's the purpose? So many beings on the merry way, all with missions, all with thoughts, attitudes, personalities, challanges. It all seems to be a commodity.

I've been called a deconstructionist on a few occassions in life, seems to be getting that way. It's always more, more, more, more tv's, more money, more shows, more travel, more *insert vice, superficial, or other sentiment here* --

Certainly I don't agree with Freud when he says all you have to do in life is die. But certainly the modern day temptations don't offer a lot in terms of peace.

I know a lot of smart people that say they're searching for 'purpose,' but that begs the question, are they that smart? Purpose can be in all of life's simple things, I guess expectation is what screws it up, the incessant desire to want more and more and more, from everything and everyone.

Somewhere in there respect for your fellow man is thrown out the window.

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