Sunday, January 25, 2009

Dizzy, Lizzy, Major Tom

Here's what I've learned from Twitter thus far --

  • The 'permission marketing' aspect is great. It's like I have these cool smart people 'forwarding' me email, it's me going to, not receiving from.
  • From a 'real life' friend perspective, it's very impersonal
  • Someone who is 'following' more than a couple hundred people really isn't following anyone
  • Someone who is 'being followed' by more than a couple thousand people, the idea / message isn't really that unique, which is a pro and con.
My twitter strategy still remains the same, tweet about keywords / interests personal to me, and grab like minded people who find you via search words, and the slow diffuse your thoughts / mind through the lenses of like minded people and their interest.

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