Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Do open windows keep the rain away? Do open eyes keep the ghosts at bay?

Like a Martin guitar, the experience will only get better with age. The logistics of getting to DC were a nightmare. Left Fredericksburg VA (approx 30 miles from DC), at 3.30 am, rolled up to 'the area' where everyone was at 9.10. About 3.5 hours in the car to the metro, 30 minutes in line at metro, 1 hour on metro (and the smell of a girls puke) later we made it to DC.

It was about 20 degrees, BRUTAL cold, and of course, ill prepared for the realities of that man people around.

Here's where we landed.

Here was looking the other way.

You're not going to find a hot dog dealer in this mess, nothing could survive the mass, surprisingly few capitalists cashing in on pimped out Obama swag.

Maybe because these guys were perched on every building, the Powershot G9 could find em' all.

This was as close as us 'common folk' could get to the event while it was going on. Mr Army Man made sure there was no civil unrest.

A GQ shot in from of the Washington Monument, I even dipped a toe in to the frozen water, en route to the Arlington Cemetery metro, for a more reasonable exit.

Finally Bob and Rob, the Texas boys who were there, to prove that we were there, that we heard of him first, now, relatively speaking :)


Jamie C said...

LOL Love the sign!

Not surprising that ya'll were there -- you two crazy kids!

well hope it was all you hoped it would be and now Mr Obama can start his magic. time is of the essence.

Heading to Shiner this weekend by chance?

Barrett said...

I have come to expect no less than the unexpected from you. You actually dipped your toes in the icy waters? ... awh!

I 'm glad you were a part of history.