Thursday, January 08, 2009

our lives are better left to chance, i could have missed the pain, but i'd of had to miss the dance

That's right, Garth Brooks for the evenin', I publicly admin to liking his tunes, ironic or not, a part of my past, and still a reservoir for life metaphor.
  • I recall our high school history teacher, not only having the 'we didn't start the fire poster' up, but also talking about the pros and cons of life through the lyrics of GB. Something I'll never forget, conventional wisdom coming from someone I truly respect.
  • I recall my niece Krysi getting married, and her husband Alex singing GB's version of 'To Make you Feel My Love', very heart warming and genuine.
  • I recall a massive rain delay at Baltimore's Camden Yards field, they played rain tune after rain tune, one being, 'the thunder rolls'
  • I recall my buddy Brad in high school, coming to school in boots, wranglers, and a shirt bearing the lyrics 'choose to chance the rapids, dare to dance the tide'
Growing up I was 80% convention, 6% progressive, 14% the rest.

If I had to take a gander at my life the last couple years, and acknowledge where my sleep zone (the way I stack my physical and emotional equity) is, I'd have to say rooted in 40% convention, 40% progressive ideology, 1% radical, 19% the rest. I really want to think this one through one day and break out those number even more.
  • Passion was a big thing for me back in the early days, I'd often stay up all night worry about things to come, things left undone
  • Emotional Balanced scorecarding and hedging are things I've only come to identify with recently, it's my version of Prozac
When I was 22, Emotion Scorecard = (and i think i was better than a lot)
  1. hey man, where's the party?
  2. do you got the booze?
  3. let me borrow a good shirt
  4. that cologne smells good, let me have some!
  5. dude, that chick is hot
  6. (long interlude of frivolous flirtations), and poking out ass in hopes to get noticed
  7. insert junk food of choice before bedtime
  8. man, i'm so hungover, i must have had 15 last night
  9. BIRP
  10. i'm so cool, lets do it again, tonight, and next week
Now at 32, Emotional Scorecard =
  1. Seizing opportunities when they arise
  2. Communicating what needs to be said
  3. loving, listening and understanding your family
  4. developing a firm level of trust with your good friends
  5. a healthy exercise routine
  6. while still being able to enjoy a big flat plate of whatever the host is serving
  7. a career that challenges and rewards, taking pleasure in doing the hard things
  8. a snapshot in time (for me is shiner) that doesn't change much, so i can see how much i change
  9. ambition, a dedicated hike to the fountain of youth atop of tall mountain
  10. understanding the beauty of a simple plan

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