Tuesday, January 27, 2009

So, sure, I could just close my eyes. Yeah, sure, trace and memorize

25 Random Things about me

With a preface by Richard Russo: "In all my books the unhappy people are the ones w/o the wisdom to love the life they've been given."
  1. behind the melodramatic exterior, there's an Everest of sentimentality
  2. Wants to see all the world wonders in civilization, twice
  3. thought I'd marry the first chick I fell in love with
  4. brings integrity to the ballgame
  5. reads a book or two a week
  6. big fan of objectivity theory
  7. I clump all religion into the 'mystic' category -- Rush (the band) says it best, A planet of playthings we dance on a string, of powers we cannot perceive. I don't believe in cards, I don't believe in signs
  8. Would love to have some beers with Neil Hannon, a man who's words changed my life.
  9. Feels immortal in spirit, like an 80 year old in body
  10. thinks achievement is based what you produce
  11. love conquers all, even time
  12. cherishes aesthetic over convenience
  13. lives simple while carrying the weight
  14. life in the fringes is the only way to roll, you can find the fringes no matter where your stand and what your view is
  15. thinks politics is what kills any society, issues should seldom be framed in political context
  16. likes to walk, probably would like walking on the beach too
  17. earth wind fire water, i like fire the most
  18. for the friends who i've done the psych test with, for what its worth its kinda correct, 'i walk alone, i see bears, snakes, vultures as i walk, my reaction is to mark them and deal with appropriately, a big house with no fence, and ocean in the back of the house, i get across via the minnow (Gilligan's island boat) --its been refined over the years
  19. have come to love my balanced life portfolio and open-ness and objectivity to most viewpoints.
  20. is very happy to have a lot of unique people around me and in my life
  21. really care about my family, and the love they give to each other, etc really wears down my selfishness (in a good way)
  22. need to go the the australian open so i can get that off the list of grand slams in tennis (this travel tidbit really bugs me) nyc, paris, london -- check
  23. communication is key is the subliminal message i send myself every 6 minutes
  24. hates people, loves people, hates people, loves people -- the older i get, the less i want to be around a big crowd
  25. mom and the gang provided me with a firm foundation, and i like to think i've done a lot with a little, and i'm positive the best is yet to come

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