Thursday, February 26, 2009

seems so at ease A strange inner peace Is all that he's feeling somehow

The city of Brotherly love, perfect backdrop for an M Ward concert.  Love the time there. 

The city center, filled with thrasher guys filming their moves -- Nice to sit here and soak up the scenery.

Aparments near the city center, lots of really old / neat looking habitations.  Didn't see any suburban living on the trip.

A nice painting on the wall in the museum --

An 'asian' habitat, Toshi, can you confirm?

The evilution of the killing machines, guns, which use gunpowder to project a piece of metal at a tremendous velocity, which easily pierces skin.

The legend of Zelda fairy, which gives you back life.  When my back started hurting, I sat by her, and I magically felt better :)

Wow, one of the older versions of 'bling,'  what a room!

Back in the day, this was your baseball hat.  I would have picked the one in the middle to the far right, and try to pass myself as an explorer.

Spears, Spears Spears, my favorite room in the museum.

The city skyline from a major museum, a nice walk.

Rocky with the museum.

The thinker, below the statue.

The original thinker -- Mike P had recorded a satirical video of what he was thinking that got major chuckles from the locals watching on., unfortunately the vid didn't turn out well.

I think this is 'south town' or the bohemian area, they had burn barrels -- 

Geno's, threw my diet out of the window for the week to experience, cheesesteak, 

after cheesesteak

After M Ward at the Trocadero, a bordello back in the day, one of the most unique venues I've ever seen.

View, great one, lots of elbows thrown to get here :)

The view from the outside --

Jamacian Blue coffee brewing, or whatever this scientific contraption was  doing.  Supposedly the best and rarest in the world, from the Blue Mountains, 8 bucks a cup, but worth it.  Got it off the list.

Chinatown -- lots of fresh produce on the stinky roads

after cheesesteak, Jim's, I would say was my favorite --- in all objectivity, I think Texadelphia is better :)

Mohon at the love sign --

Independence Hall, I wonder what kind of whig  I would have wore back in the day -- 

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Jamie C said...

Looks like it was a GREAT trip RB!