Monday, March 30, 2009

The harbors that they built for the ships to set me free And sometimes when it's all too much I know they'll come for me

Once someone told Thoreau, there's a new invention, the telegraph, and it allows someone in Maine to talk to someone in Texas almost in real time. Thoreau's response, 'what would they have to say to each other.'

Fast forward a short time and you have a society faced with a new psychology. A quote that recently rang true, "Society works precisely because conversation is ephemeral."

Today is a life of curiosity, we learn simply because it's there, we use and abuse accordingly. The life and times today allow you opportunity, and with this opportunity comes tearing down emotional walls only to build others higher, what emerges are emotionally stern individuals on one side, and drones on the other.

We have institutions that work to tear down walls, and we have institutions that practice mind control, the yin and the yang all work together.

What is the blow back of a hyper connected age? Does it take the thrill out of the situation, and constantly feed an empty yearn to be someone or somewhere else?

I have ideas. Through the summer I'm going to take a deep dive into the Greek culture, an integrated society that yielded a phenomenal amount of intellect, brawn, and standard of living.

Time will tell if a blackberry in hand 16 hours a day will make a man healthy, wealthy and wise. In the meantime I'm going back to meditation.

“Meditation brings wisdom; lack of meditation leaves ignorance. Know well what leads you forward and what holds you back.”
- The Buddha

Monday, March 09, 2009

I lit the match, I lit the match, I saw another monster turn to ash, felt the burdon lifted from my back

Two things that have gotten me in a major down and out mood --
  1. Slaves to the almighty dollar -- The more and more I read about the stock market, the nastier and nastier it gets. Index funds, fine, but ETF's, hedge funds, leverage a buck at times 33 to 1. Hence, a fund looses 3.1 cents on a dollar, they're sunk. I can understand 5 to 1, maybe even 10 to 1, but any more than that, you're building something that truly don't exists. You extract more value than there is true value, its blatent exploitation of our money. When times are good, so be it, when times are bad, we are in what you get. I can't understand any ideology that condones this behavior. How about a consistent 5% growth, that way society can scale with the wealth created? These institutions that create wealth have becoming self serving, and people not on top of this will become victims. Just ask the folks in iceland
  2. Information overload -- I feel as if I've become a slave to the system. Neil Postman argues with great success that in the 'age of information' we are lost more than ever. Feudalism, theocracy, etc, etc at least gave someone a consistent look at a deck of cards. It's hard for people to find consistency when any and all special interest load the dice. We live in an age where information is prevelant, wisdom is lacking. 95% of the people out there have learned the mechanics of spatting out content, but don't have much to say.

Thursday, March 05, 2009


i've been hung up on this important word for some time now -- just picked up a book that will hope to shed some light on .......

why do you trust?
why do you trust them?
who trusts you?
why do they trust you?
how do you gain trust?
how do you become trusted?
how do you lose trust?
why do you lose it?
can you regain lost trust?
how important is trust in your business relationships?
how important is trust in your personal relationships?

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

i look for hereos in my search for identity but none of them seem to be quite what they want me to think

Tonight a good buddy of mine gave sage comments, 'You seem to live life for life's sake, to seek knowlege for the joy of self improvement' -- and yet another comparison to Charlie Brown, the THIRD so far in my life --

Could that mean that I always try to kick the football, could it mean that I'm a nice chap that has a lot of friends, I guess that's all up to me.

I always try to find a silver lining, and tend to sway to the positive, even though I've also been told I spew venom.

There are a lot of people that I admire in life, the ones I admire most are the ones that have a plan. It's the best way to leave the white noise of the world behind.

Sunday, March 01, 2009

I'm not Easily Scared, By Things that Go Bump in the Night

Signs you're getting old, and why there isn't anything wrong with it --
  1. When you have 16 nieces and nephews, 2 great nephews, one great niece. It's great hanging out with the family, listening to the stories by these youngin's, even though I'm a socially awkward and lack of attention span mess around them. I find the psychology of parenthood fascinating.
  2. All your facebook friends are having babies, and you're proud of them. Seems like every other day baby photos are posted, and you think, wow, I'm glad they passed on their genetic code, they are good people.
All in due time, meanwhile, I do my part the keep the population in control --

I brought him to the dream. He had the coolest sandals that I have ever seen

As the battle rages on about who and what needs to be done to fix the economy, the root cause has yet again been neglected from the conversation. We've lived in a world with too much credit, its been brewing for a long time.

My opinion, the two things I look at the see when the economy will 'rebound,' or at least rightsize.

1 -- The Price of Oil -- There's no coincidence the price of oil falls with the economy. Which came first? While most people complain about the greedy oil people, their 401k's are stuffed with oil stock, go take a gander, I'm sure most are still, by default. Currently there is a stockpile of oil in ports all over the world, you can't just 'turn the spigot 'off', hence a hedge on the price. When this lowers, oil will settle between 75 - 90 bucks a barrel, rightsizing this toxin, which will aid in bringing things 'back to normal.'

2 -- Home Depot Stock -- Watching the ups and downs, these folks are reading the charts that will answer the ultimate question, 'when will people begin investing in their homes again?'

I Bring the House Down I Hardly Know, Which Way is Up or Which Way Down

These days this is the only taking head I listen to.  History repeats itself, and people get caught up in sensationalism.  I've always found it easy to hide behind 'the sky is falling' stories.  Many don't have the attention span to see past tactical day to day manuvers.

'One upping' everyone else is so rampent, I seldom engage in conversation at cocktail parties, working lunches or what have you.   Fabricated extra parts can potentially be capitalized, but volitility of the message and human nature tends these artifical growth mechanisms crumble. The truth is in the fine print, which no one reads.

A few nights ago, while painting a broad general picture of what I do and why I do it got me a rebuttal of, 'I think you're full of sh*t.'  What I've learned in life is to keep things simple and abstract until people earn more than that.  Intimacy is a sacred thing people just throw around at a whim these days.

Mechanics of a job are one thing, intuition, judgement and vision are another thing.  Some jobs require a high degree of intelligence to master the mechanics, while the latter is a different set of mastery that all starts with knowing yourself.

The more BS I hear on a typical night out on the town, I've found these differing forms of intelligence are like oil and water.  People who have mastered the mechanics of 'widget A' also assume they are experts in soft and intuitive skills, and they often condescend on people like myself, who speaks in abstracts attempting to get a feel of what's really going on.

Conceptual thinkers on the other hand, feel the mechanical thinker is engaged in a boring finite game, one whos outcome is necessary, yet predictable.

A fundamental complaint about society and its ability to 'troubleshoot', is the lack of its ability to question the status quo, or question things in themselves.  I've found that many people, once they get a decent job, a little money in the bank, are able to go to Cancun, etc, now have achieved a sucessful life, now its sustainment time, a time to dig in and fortify boundaries and dig a huge moat around my intellectual capital.

Individual responsibility is lost to the way of arrogance and it spirals up.  My car is better than yours, my house is better than yours, my political and financial ideology is better, my god is better than your god, and soon you are wedged between yes and no, right or wrong, and the holes individuals have dug, and the knots they have tied make it necessary to chose one of these poles, and shy away from the grey area like cryptonite.

The media and entertainment outlets solidify this by making stories out of boring news, by taking the doom and gloom approach, and do it in a candy coated way so people don't feel bad.  

Choke the medicine down.