Monday, March 09, 2009

I lit the match, I lit the match, I saw another monster turn to ash, felt the burdon lifted from my back

Two things that have gotten me in a major down and out mood --
  1. Slaves to the almighty dollar -- The more and more I read about the stock market, the nastier and nastier it gets. Index funds, fine, but ETF's, hedge funds, leverage a buck at times 33 to 1. Hence, a fund looses 3.1 cents on a dollar, they're sunk. I can understand 5 to 1, maybe even 10 to 1, but any more than that, you're building something that truly don't exists. You extract more value than there is true value, its blatent exploitation of our money. When times are good, so be it, when times are bad, we are in what you get. I can't understand any ideology that condones this behavior. How about a consistent 5% growth, that way society can scale with the wealth created? These institutions that create wealth have becoming self serving, and people not on top of this will become victims. Just ask the folks in iceland
  2. Information overload -- I feel as if I've become a slave to the system. Neil Postman argues with great success that in the 'age of information' we are lost more than ever. Feudalism, theocracy, etc, etc at least gave someone a consistent look at a deck of cards. It's hard for people to find consistency when any and all special interest load the dice. We live in an age where information is prevelant, wisdom is lacking. 95% of the people out there have learned the mechanics of spatting out content, but don't have much to say.

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