Wednesday, April 01, 2009

All Talk No Action, What's the Big Attraction

Two quotes --

'Thought, expression and sensibility are given through communication'


'The clearest way of seeing through a culture is to attend to their tools of conversation'

It's never been about the mechanics of the tools, rather a state of mine. There's always been a quote that surrounds on of my favorite cities, 'people are open minded and accepting of everyone, except people who AREN'T open minded and accepting of everyone. When you're a hammer, you look for nails, you find them. Social networking arises, two examples --

1 -- The Walled Garden

A utility where you invite you sisters, punk rock friends, hipsters, preachers, republicans / democrats, Buddhists / Christians, etc to the table for an extended conversation. / -- a vast variety and diversity of individuals.

Perception suggests someone that has 1,000 people in their walled garden is well respected. I argue a more affluent person can have 10 friends, all of differing ideologies, and bring them to the table for relevant conversation.

1 person with 1,000 'cool friends' that are all nails is a commodity, ten friends with a different perspective is balance.

There is a psychology to what you project here --

2 -- The Open Prairie

A lawless land of despots, warriors, wizards, peasants, and jokers yet very few 'common people'. Unfiltered, unadulterated, communication, simple, opt in style -- A brave new world in the area of communication which yields great power but has potential for great blow back.

Huxley was different from Orwell in that he suggested there wasn't a need to ban books, knowledge would become passee in the land of distraction.

Always garbage in garbage out, a tool is only as good as what is aggregated. You can play the games and figure out what you think you want people to see and hear, or you can be yourself, and you don't have to remember anything.

Usefulness, legibility, and sensitivity is what I'm looking for --

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