Saturday, May 30, 2009

All anyone can ever want is a co-pilot Someone to leave this town and Up and start a secret

Blogging after an EXHAUSTING day, this isn't Kansas, come to think of it, its not like anything I've remotely experienced before, that's why it's a good thing.

I sit at mental gridlock, although tons on my mind. It's hard to look towards the future at the moment, instead the general rule is to live day by day.

This morning's jog with O'Dub was nice, the weather was beautiful.

Everyone chuckles about groundhog day, but you don't really know what its like until you're living it, or in my case, as close as I'll ever come to it --

A typical routine here for you limited time off,

Sun -- Some sort of quick impromptu bbq
Mon -- Flag Football
Tues -- Volleyball
Wed -- Hang out on Patio
Thur -- Ping Pong
Fri -- Movie at 'theater'
Sat -- Some sort of fellowship

I've been the introvert here, mine has went something like get up, go to work, leave work, go to sleep, but I'm working up the energy to break it up, something like this

Sun -- Music DVD of week
Mon -- Call a loved one, tell them they're loved
Tues -- Gym
Wed -- Strum Guitar
Thur -- Hang out in hopes of good conversation
Fri -- Album of the Week
Sat -- A nice introspective meditation and subsequent blogging

Everywhere I look I see opportunity, it reminds me of what my mom always says, everywhere I look I see work. How does one 'weave' themselves in to an introverted and cliquish crowd.

The bigger the crowd, the less vested interested is in the people getting together. No matter how much one wants to give, you can't give what someone doesn't want. That's something new I think about moving forward when trying to bring people together. An oil man doesn't want to talk wind, and a hippie doesn't want to talk to a conservative, etc.

At this moment in my time in the sand, I'm apathetic to branching out, all in due time, slowly but surely. I'm having a hard time bridging the fundamental differences in why people are here, until I can figure out a common thread, its hard for me to communicate.

In times of extreme tired, the song I always go back to is 'inside of love' by nadasurf -- such a cool tune --

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