Sunday, May 17, 2009

And I'll dance with you in Vienna I'll be wearing a river's disguise

I recall the gently rolling hills / mountains in Austria, and when I see them again I feel 'my heart will search no more.' Same thing with a lot of other aspects of life. Nothing like a war zone, long hours and a desert sun to put life into perspective.

Over here, ever yard is like the last 10 yards, like the 4th quarter, like the player playing with a cramp, like the Nascar with an engine that's missing a beat.

Catch Penny is here in a few days, and although I don't know them, I have the utmost respect for them already. I used to think the whole 'support our troops' was a bunch of rhetoric, and never gave it meaning outside of my kin folk, especially nephew Alex, now it takes on a whole new meaning. Reading through some of the jargon on that website really got to me, in the future I will almost always frame from a human standpoint and not one of ideology.

To me, the meaning of the whole 'why are WE (i.e. we who are actually here) isn't a political answer, it has to do with the execution of a task, the powers that be in a freely elected democrazy pull the make it happen card, and you got a lot of smart, dedicated, courageous people trying to scrap it out.

It ain't easy, it ain't glamorous.

What defines success? As my buddy said, USA and Iraq have a different measuring stick, what we see is failure could be seen as progress on their front. Often people have used the words 'foreigner' (not in terms of the band), but to describe people that aren't like them. In this land we are those foreigners, and it's painfully obvious every step you take.

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