Tuesday, May 12, 2009

and when you're lookin' for your freedom, nobody seems to care, and you can't find the door, no you can't find it anywhere

day in the life --

-- 4 am wake up, pushups, lots of them, leg lifts, lots of them
-- out the door by 5, breakfast at 5.20
-- watch mavs for 30 minutes in chow hall at breakfast
-- work at six
-- tinker around with environmentals for a few hours
-- 10 oclock meeting
-- 10.45 tea with the british multinationals
--11.15 spam america with email
--11.45 chow hall run
-- 12.15 hooked to the plow
--3 pm - 20 minute nap
-- work till 7.30pm
-- chow with team
-- go home 20 minute nap
-- volleyball at 9pm
-- 10 back at home
-- clean up get all the logistical stuff ready for next day
-- shower
-- do mini version of browsing what i used to (back down to the basics)
-- my kingdom for bandwidth
-- 20 minute call to mom in the state @ 3 bucks a minute
-- hit the sack
-- do it all over again, except that time between 8-10, that will change up a little everyday

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