Saturday, May 09, 2009

Birds beneath my window dustying their wings upon the lawn I hear them in the morning light giving last amen to a migratory song

Last post from the US of A for a while, heading to partake in a risk / reward scenario overseas. What to bring, a good attitude at the least.

With a belly somewhat unsettled and an open mind, I can see a decoupling of societal constructs, it'll only do me well.

The mind always imagines things worse than it actually is, here's the worst of my imagination shining through
  1. Having a sloppy / snoring roommate
  2. Eating bugs for dinner
  3. getting shot at or riding helicopters
  4. not 'fitting in'
  5. getting hooked to the plow and working your butt off relentlessly
  6. living 'groundhog day' over and over
  7. 750 yards of roaming space
What DO you do when you have to live groundhog day..., the non Hollywood and glamorous version. Well, you can electrocute yourself, jump in front of a train, or retreat to the room in silence.

OR, you can take the experience life has given you and choose to enjoy that experience. You can build / morph true feelings, true experience, bonding and reverence. You can make it a time to leave the distractions behind and see what really lies in the core.

I'll be blogging more, I'll have more time to think, I want to catch a rhythm, I want to make it good.

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