Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The daughter of the biggest big town banker He kept her like a princess I stole her like the Fort Knox gold

More bullet points until cohesive though can sink in --
  • I haven't seen bigotry here, people, political, religious, etc -- the caricature I saw of the war fighter or those that support it has always taken a 'conservative' stance, I see the question framed differently here. The ant nest has been kicked, now you have the ants rebuilding the mound, In a way, I boil down the critical success factor in this endeavor as 'do the people of iraq want it enough,' then I think, that's not a fair way to frame the question, which brings, 'can these people handle what we are trying to give them,' that's the question. 21st century advanced citizenship with secularism is much more different than a 12th century theocracy. I see the disparity big time here
  • Rollin' to the loo at night 100 yards after sleeping isn't fun at all, you can't go to sleep afterward, and I refuse to resort the 'the bottle' in the least as my mind stands now.
  • Here its Spain hot and sunny, but add dust and dirt on top
  • I'm finding much of my 'desert attire' that I brought with me isn't working very well. blisters on my feet, sunburn on the tops of my ears, taking less showers than 'i should', and fighting overdrinking / underdrinking water, all part of the equation -- i have to adjust, and change the way i percieve this life in general. for the next year i have to figure out how to 'become one' with my surroundings
  • the chow halls here are like pinocco island of food, first day i had veal, then prime rib, the sausage gumbo, all grade A stuff, probably the caliber of what you'd get at a 5 star hotel back home.
  • I know I'm going to come back to the states and see inefficiency and stuff taken for granted everywhere, from water in the showers and bathrooms, proximity and availability of stores, laundry, etc, etc -- its very efficient here, perhaps because of the abundance of money thrown at the problem
  • the enlisted folks as well as the contractors are some of the best people i've seen at the table for a meeting -- same tired debates, but lots of creativity and though thrown into the equation, not a lot of 'brainstorming' goes on here, just pragmatism and decision making, and quick turnarounds.
  • last night, two senior enlisted guys were outside the palace, playing covers of songs like pearl jam and weezer, this debunks the notion that all people here are kid rock toby keith loving war mongering rednecks
  • fundamentalism and sensational here are shokingly absent (except for the morter lobbers outside the camps). when bad news hits about a soldier taking the lives of 4 buddies then himself, the news back home has it on for days, taking a deep dive, here's there is empathy for the victims, and for each other, and mental support, at times its not plesant, but everyone's in it together here, and I'm finding that to be a strong bond
  • eating, sleeping, working, exercising with the same crew all the time, something good has to become of it, never had to do it, i'll be blogging about it as it goes on --
  • the crowd here is transient. just so happens the group i sat with at the dinner table last night, two captains, two contractors, will all be gone in 3 months, and new faces will be there. i'll have seniority on systems that i barely even know how to spell yet.
  • on a 'down day' i'll walk at least 3 miles, some days i've been walking 5+, the body doesn't really per se sweat, but i can tell its taking a toll. trying desperatly to find sunglasses that look right on a fat head, so i don't come back to the states all squinty.
  • lots of thoughts floating around, the uncertainty is sorta gone, but the funamentals of a routine haven't sank in yet, i'm told when it gets much hotter we can work through the night and sleep durning the day.

3.33 am, still can't adjust to the sleep patterns, I'm going to crash and burn this afternoon --

Special shout out to Praveen, the barista at Green Beans coffee hear, thanks for the twice a day quad shot Americano

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