Sunday, May 10, 2009

Every day I wake up and it's Sunday Whatever's in my head won't go away

In the last 24 hours, Tampa to DC to Kuwait to Baghdad.
  • Gryphon Air I was nervous about, but turned into being a really 'nice' flight to Baghdad
  • Met 3 people enroute, one medic heading south, one security guard heading south Baghdad, and one teacher who is working to integrate people and teach them modern stuff
  • My room is small, spartan but enough to suffice and keep it all good for a while, my roommate is an older gentlemen from Korea that's very friendly
  • The surroundings are beautiful / surreal
  • It's dusty and dirty
  • Saw a Becks beer bottle, after closer look, non-alcoholic of course
  • I've already been signed up for a dodge ball tourney next Sunday
  • There seems to be plenty for moral
  • 3 of my coworkers picked me up at the 'airport'
  • Throughout the night I'm hearing sounds that I've never heard before, planes, etc, etc
  • flying over the 'outskirts' of Kuwait City reminds me of Tatooine, the other parts of the city look very modern and exciting. Flying over Baghdad things look very impoverished.
  • The smell isn't all that great
All in all, ready for the 'new adventure,' feeling strangely fine.

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Jamie C said...

You've arrived!!! Stay safe and keep the updates coming.....