Thursday, May 14, 2009

hand out, faces that he sees time again aint that familiar

its a clash of civilizations, on one side you have players who see nothing but a finite game, played to win or to lose. on the other side, half play the same finite game, the other half play an infinite game, a game where winning is to have the factions play again.

such polarizations seem to never turn out well, so you get what we have here, helicopters choppin on the right, muslim prayer over loud speaker to the left. question is how many people on either side believe that there is something worth sacrificing for an ambiguously defined objectives on either side? how do you fight apathy, i think we have a hard time fighting it at home --

-- the smell of smoke in the air
-- the gap in between the lakes of the palaces, and the drought caused by this in the south
-- the setup here, i mean, wow

what pokes its head up from the ashes is what you have here, some are curious, some are profiteers, some are adventure seekers, some are marksmen, for most, it's their job.

somewhere in between all of this is a ripple that i have a hard time framing.

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