Friday, May 15, 2009

i'd a danced like the queen of the eyesores And the rest of our lives would 'a fared well

groundhog day, really sank in to me tonight, that i won't have a free weekend for 6 months or so. putting it bluntly, it kinda sucks -- 12 hours a day 7 days a week are just words until you're actually there. the difference b/w this and a silicon valley startup is 12 hours of work doesn't mean mixed in with facebook, twitter, iphone, sushi and checking out the latest trends. it means work, sleep and a couple hundred yards of wiggle room. its tough on the mind, body and spirit, everyone here goes through it.

tired as an old diva is the state of mind, when i'm tired i mispell words all over the place -- layer one of societal paint was removed tonight, knowing that tomorrow is work, sunday is work, and the week starts all over again.

a strange and wonderful perspective is kicking in, a few weeks downs the road i'll have better definition, but where I'm at and why I'm here is a good thing that will only help me down the road. right now, not a lot of doubt, but like tenacious d would say, 'the road is f*ckin hard.'

absence will make the heart grow fonder: of the people in my life, the concerts i go to, the buffalo wings i scarf down, of the hot shower, or a quiet nights sleep.

i'm going to come back smarter, damn a lot smarter -- self enrichment at the cost of isolation in many ways, kinda like the count of monte cristo getting his learn on in prison.

the food is still damn good, but very impersonal, the best thing about mammas home cookin' is mamma.

the laundry service, STELLAR

the green beans coffee, TO BE DESIRED, the 4 shot expresso, PRETTY GOOD

the palace, DIRTY

the air, STINKY and sometimes SMOKEY

the people, still GREAT

did I mention a PESTERING HEAT?

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Jamie C said...

Hang in there RB. This is like a growing pain or teething -- all over again in adult-hood.