Thursday, May 28, 2009

last night I dreamt that I grew wings, I found a place where they could hear me when I sing

Life in Baghdad-e-o isn't all that bad, long hours, hard work, don't even know where to begin with all those.

Just walk with an authoritative walk and do you job, I guess that's the way to roll --

Teamwork is big out here, which is AWESOME -- Pile A needs to get into building, everyone assembles to help, not a 'thats not my job,' etc. Heaven forbid we take our OWN TRASH out, we clean our own area, etc.

Yesterday I started a pflight to get in not just good, not just great, but the pinnacle of my physical fitness. This means 2.5 miles a night, and 3 miles in the morning.

I also read somewhere about, you guess it, food is addicting. Chemicals can make food taste like anything these days...if you want a 'seared' (sp?) flavor, just add a few drops of this, that or the other. Luckily there is a healthy menu out here, and I've been exercising EXTREME self control. My only indulgences, ice cream on Friday night, and two near beers on Saturday, while sitting at my desk at work.

Logistics of the job, getting from point a to b, and also just logistics of living, Things are very organized, everything is, I guess they have to be. The mind is a wash, how did I get here, I belong but I don't belong feelings, but I know great things are going to become of this, I'll definitely be able to mark some things off my list.

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