Saturday, May 23, 2009

When the past becomes the now, When the lost becomes the found, When We Fall in Love with War, When the Angel.....

Nothing says a hard days rockin' like falling asleep while walking -- I promise to never complain about a 40 hour week again, I won't ever complain about pulling weeds in yards, It's a good hardening effect here.

Meeting all sorts of cool people, linguists, politicians, people studying Arabic, etc, etc. Always the 'dumbest one in the room' syndrome with me.

The 'MWR' facilities are the best, the work hours are the worse -- Starting to eat less, exercise more. 2 weeks down, a ways to go --

Last weekend I was in denial of where I was, totally, this weekend is a sorta bleak acceptance. In a weird sorta way I like it out here, that doesn't mean that I don't dream about my 'happy land' time in Bavaria.

I would say this constituents 'living on the fringes,' -- I'm doing 'hard stuff' now so I'll be set for the unique opportunities coming in the future.

More to come after a nights sleep, or getting used to this schedule, if that's even possible --

WIFI to SKYPE via IPHONE to people in USA --- equals the world is flat, at least for communication, however I wish were had artery style bandwidth instead of a skinny vein.

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Jamie C said...

Hang in there. This is just you getting through the rough patches. Pretty soon 6 months will have come and gone in a blink of the eye....

Always thinking about ya!