Thursday, June 04, 2009

Hope in the freedom he can almost touch, Folk take for granted as they walk to church

Thinking about the conflict in the middle east, I see two distinct tactics unfolding --

Two bullies back in middle school get in a fight,

1 -- they fight, beating each other up while everyone else is going 'woah', brutal, blah blah -- sometimes a whole brawl ensues, a free for all so to speak. at the end of it, the bullies at the least are all beat up, maybe even more, and then all go back to their places going damn, that shit hurt.

2 -- a principle gets in front of the bullies and says look, you ain't gonna fight.

The POTUS gave a speech today in Cairo, I wasn't able to see it, but a line that's been common through has been to focus on common interest, most reasonable minds in the middle east agree that violence isn't the way to roll.

Stats show (according to Newsweek) that G Dub and the boys killed 85% of the al qaeda, supposedly only 2-300 of those boogers left. Picking them out with the help of a moderate voice in Islam, which is most around here, is the way to do it.

Sure we could continue to do what Robin Williams said in 'Good Morning Vietnam' and say, 'Well sir, how do you know if they're the bad guy', 'Well we ask them, are you the bad guy? and if they say yes, we shoot em' -- but the transcendental approach is to refine the theocracries and academics.

Back to the bully analogy, there is some relevance to punching the bad guy in the face, the other bullies don't want to f*ck with you, however, both the strength and weakness of radical Islam is chaos and unorganization, and we're not dealing with bullies, we're dealing with weasels.

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