Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Sailing heart-ships thru broken harbors Out on the waves in the night

At some point man invented the clock, driving a wedge between himself and god / nature.

Mathamatics led to currency lead to traders led to banks led to economics led to leverage, growth being the bottom line.

What happens when the market reaches 14k again, what about 28k -- It reminds me of something I read in a book recently about having 'enough.' When is 'enough' and what makes humans reach for the illusive dangling carrot, and what prevents their will power from holding back from the 50 inch tv?

So what is going to push humanity foward, past the age of consumption. The most powerful piece on the chess board is the queen, and I think the queen is going to push us to the next level. Queen = mother nature, and when I say she's going to push us to the next level, it means she's going to make the markets her b*tch.

It's happening now, first solar, etc, etc -- the markets will usher in the new age, only to be met with gradual irrevelance, don't ask me how' its going to happen, but that's my prediction. Could be her hiccuping us off the planet, could be us learning a little obedience and less arrogance.

Your perspective on the world doesn't change when you have money in your pocket, you're still the same ol' person you've always been, I think people often forget that point and frame everything around monetary policy.

I've been hitting the chess board again, I enjoy running through the scenerios, and during my 'library break' I play a brief game of risk, polishing up my attack, wait, fortification, strategy skills.

I often think about what it means the 'be in love' out here, as I see so many people missing their families, wives, kids -- I'm waiting for the shockers to bring back that fleeting feeling to my soul.

Like Toshi said today in an email, this kind of stuff helps your mind -- It doesn't need to get really any deeper than that, just something that frames reality in a different way -- I *think* its actually seeing the collective world for what it is, we see races of people that fight each other, to no end, for various reasons. Same reasons the dems fight the repubs, christians vs muslims, catholics vs protestants -- Before guns there were arrows, before arrows spears, before spears, clubs, so on and so forth.

It helps the mind by allowing you to focus on yourself, but not about yourself -- It helps you identify your place in the world.

I think about the fall of empires, french in indochina, brits in america, etc, etc throughout history, and the prevailing theme was a loss of financial sustainment. Sure these good willing fellas had the stay the course attitude, but to play a bad joke, when the lobster gives way to bread and water in the chow hall, and when the money stops flowing, history tells us we have a problem, despite and resolve one might have. With the money goes food and 'standard of living', time just has to lean a degree and game over, today, tomorrow, next year, 100 years, whatever.

Living 1,000 yards away from 5% or so of 5 million people who really really really don't like you, at all is a learning curve.

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