Friday, June 05, 2009

with red lights flashign time to retire, and we turned the liquor store into a structure fire

today i began thinking about careers, and the relevance people put in them, and how they so much strive to be like the person or position above them, beside them, beyond them, and they let it dictate how they live their lives.

baseball players who can hit the curve ball out of the park get paid big bucks, those who can switch hit and hit breaking balls are the superstars.

bad part about the world we live in is people get all giddy when they hit a single or double, and expect a-rod dollars for it. its the time when everyone gets a trophy, and you're bound for promotion reguardless. -- that's always been the same.

i'd say what got me to baghdad was swinging at a slyder in the dirt on a 2 and 2 pitch and running out a base hit. not an ideal situation, not what i wanted to do when i was in the batters box waiting to hit, but i sure am glad that i got that base hit.

hell, i might even have a cramp from running out the throw, but next time i'm at the plate and the perfect pitch comes, its going yard, and that time's coming.

why? not sticking to convention, not posturing my life for the next slop on the totem pole, but by something completely different, something very rewarding.

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