Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Weary sun, sleep tonight, go crashing into the ocean, Cut the line that ties the tide and moon, ancient and blue

General Updates --
  1. The heat is much better than the dust, tomorrow the 'feels like ' index will be 138, its not describable
  2. Big difference between the sand and dust, dust is much worse
  3. one word, Jackyl, not the chainsaw solo band, but the animal, subject to many jokes around here concerning lonely soldiers, etc
  4. Seriously thinking about taking the 'chernobyl tour' when i'm done here, either in the winter next summer
  5. cd's are my best friend, if i have a new compilation a day, it brightens my day
  6. lots of opportunities i'll have leaving this place for sure, but opportunities are finding me here as well
Been very lucky to have met some lifelong buddies here, and very lucky to have several points of reference back home.  I'm used to this already, and for someone 'like me', it has been a feat.  It means not just getting along, but functioning and thriving in a mindset I'm far from accostomed to --
I miss a lot of folks back home, I often think about them, how it would be like if certain individuals were out here in the desert, and things spoiled people would complain about.
  1. irregular water flow and temperature
  2. coat of dust on everything 10 minutes after cleaning, a thick coat after a week
  3. long, long walks in the hot hot heat
  4. eating the same thing over and over and over and over
  5. driving / travelling conditions that are to the point where you'd rather NOT go anywhere
  6. staying inside ALL day b/c it isn't too bearable outside
  7. zero aesthetic, 5000 percent bizarre
  8. walking on a dark sidewalk seeing someone ahead of you thinking, are they going to go postal today?
  9. no 24 by 7 coverage of monkey trials or pop star funerals
The disparities, to the victors go the spoils
  1. ac ducts hanging out of our buildings equipped with generators and portable ac's, b/c its probably cheaper than fixing the existing french versions
  2. people throwing plate full of assorted stuff away while people starve in the distance
  3. having the gun that says, we see your missle, and we'll shoot it down before it hits anything
  4. Quran w/ Democracy, a question that has plagued western civilization, it ain't going to be answered anytime soon
  5. creative ways to have fun out here, many of these things are burned into my head already
  6. we do have a store, it has about 10 things in it, including a 20 dollar microfiber towel i dream about every day
Back in the day I wrote with a point, now I just ramble -- I have some points, just don't know how to make them, till then I'm poaching, hoping a jakyl doesn't piss on me --

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Please tell me the title of the song "weary sun, sleep tonight ...."