Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I got the Jeep, She got the two bedroom-mortgage is due-siding light blue palace

Catchpenny is spinning (??) in my MP3 player.  I would say they're a mix between Snug and Fastball with the hometown vibe of Kissenger.
What makes the band special?  They do shows in Iraq.  More than opportunism makes one hop on a plane to do something like that, call it curiosity, patriotism, or just good old fashion adventure.
A few weeks ago I said I'd like to take my judging and critique hat off in more circumstances.  Fast forward a few weeks, letting more in is allowing me to extend dialogue, both verbally and digitally.
Tomorrow I am going to see Mark Chestnutt, Didn't really know his work, but after a couple songs he kinda reminds me of a modern day Charlie Pride.

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