Sunday, August 09, 2009

In a hot air balloon with a rusty nail, Looking over your shoulder and setting sail

What I had for dinner....hmm -- Now that's a great question --
Peoples perceptions about being out in the middle of the desert lead you to believe bugs, sloppy goo in a bag, prison style porage, etc --
In reality, its easier to eat a balanced / healthy meal here than in the states.  Also, its easier to gorge yourself silly on icecream, cheesesteak, or any other fried goodness.  For the spending record, every Friday night is 'surf and turf' (steak and lobster), lets just round it to 150,000 people.  Not to mention the carbon footprint of getting it from under the sea to here!  WHEW!
Lately its been like Obama's first ride on Air Force One.  The cook says 'what do you want to eat, we have everything' -- Obama's response, 'You got some sandwiches?'
Entertainment --
Nill, other than media from the Amazon lifeline in the form of Iron Maidens Flight 666, a blueray of Roy Orbison and also a concert of The Who circa long time ago.  The actual physical CD has become my friend again, as a typical CD will cost 5-7 bucks online.
Shoes --
Seems like I'm needing a new pair every six weeks, the lenght of walking is tremendous, the dust and sweat, and when rainy season comes mud -- really does a number on the zapatos.
The Near Beer --
Is God's Cruel Joke.  I'm sitting next to a non-alcoholic Lowenbrau which I drank last night for sanity's sake.  Immediately got me thinking of Berlin and finer times where I would cordially go up to the bar and request 'Zwei IceBier', in which two of these high alcohol content beauties would be placed in my hands.
The Work --
Is something for the mind and memory
The Shopping --
Something I had no idea how to imagine before I got out here, and something I still can't wrap my head around after seeing the options, or lack thereof.
Enrichment Opportunities --
Lots of time to work on your trade, they have a testing center here too to get certified on whatever you'd like.  There are arabic classes, salsa classes, and a flurry of related generic'ish activities.
The Weather --
At first glance, hot, dusty and miserable.  After getting acquainted, I'd say there's a mystical quality to it -- So hot during the day, but 6 AM the weather is gentle, as if the vast and open-ness of the landscape allowed this to blow in from....where??  perhaps Turkey?  Who knows?, but its something I've been pondering, consequently while listening to Andrew Bird's 'Weather Systems' --
The Music --
Its harder to stay up with it, considering ONE mp3 takes about 10 minutes to download when you get to the chu's, and what very little bandwidth you have is best utilized for skype, and the courtesy of others.
The People --
Are a microcosm of the real world, good, bad, tricky, movers and shakers, you name it, it's here.  The difference is everyone except for a handful of us roll around with guns.  There's something surprisingly Orwellian about the psychology.
Overall --


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