Sunday, August 16, 2009

Well my wife still respects me even though I really misused her, I am having an affair with the random computer

Coming to the desert has given me TIME.  Time to collect, time to plan, time to gather, time to access.  Sorta like the weekend getaway but much, much longer.  Complaining about the enviable or things unchangeable has become a thing of the past.
Once my time is up, I plan to explode in the direction of my next goal, the next plan, and do more than strive for the extraordinary, but take that next step, doing it decisively and with great conviction.
While moving in that direction, finding like minded people is tough.  One day the white noise left my head, which lead to malaise in body and spirit.  Overcoming these personal mile markers is the ultimate triumph in human spirit.
While striving pragmatically towards a goal or mission, personal prejudices almost always shine through, diluting the goal to something in your head that's manageable.  For instance, if your pursuit is the almighty dollar, things like politics only become an excuse for the weak: Mark Cuban says, 'Getting rich is the most patriotic thing you can do, and it's a hell of great problem to have.'
We're living in times like Mark Twain suggests, 'where you're more loyal to a political ideology than you are the country', if that's what the populous wants, that's what they get.  Issues in the world today transcend politics, and if we don't we refuse to accept that, someone else will take the ball and run with it.
Sensationalism is what's been killing the pragmatic mind in America.  Words that you hear on the news, the speculative frenzy of media lies and twists, and the dumming down of every problem into a sound byte that's digestible by pop culture.  'Hey, look what I saw on tv, hey, look what my favorite pundit said, or even hey look what i read.'  Somewhere in the hearts and minds of all of us, regardless of if we're a plumber or a computer guy, we're now the subject matter experts on health care, global warming, jihad or any other issue currently at hand.
The opposite of sensationalism is ideas.  The idea virus shy's away from sensationalism, and as society evolves and clumps together, who wins is now who speaks the loudest and uses the most absurd words to exclaim their point.  Meanwhile the idea bubble will form somewhere else, and the money will follow.
What it means for me moving forward:  Ideology doesn't play nearly as huge of a role in my goals as relativism and transcendentalism.  This mindset has allowed me to have conversations from all spheres of ideas from smart people that I'd never sit at the table together, for arguing ideological semantics is destructive to transcendental thought.
Regardless of your definition of progress, we will do so when the mass demand it.

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Anonymous said...

Something got me thinking of divine guitar this evening;I hadn't visited since you arrived. Read all your posts-what a chapter in life. I have to feel though, it's got to make you better, stronger, wiser. I'll try not to make it so long til we talk again. Derb.