Monday, September 07, 2009

Tenants of the house, Thoughts of a dry brain in a dry season

Switching between Bon Jovi's New Jersey album and's TS Eliot poetry samples leaves me with a nice balance for the day.

That's what you got here in Baghdad, scenarios and environmentals that will condition you for a bright future.  I've come to really like it out here, although I don't want to stay a day longer than needs be.

The body out here develops attributes like that of a date tree; needs little water and provides a nice fruit.  My will power will be fully tested when back home drinking from the fountain of plenty.

It's amazing whats at the post exchange, everyday commodities like toiletries and basic foods on one side, and electronics of all sorts on the other.  Has society become that ingrained with technology as to need it alongside bread and water?

This experience has made me cherish moments back home.  I miss waking up hangover-less with a cup of green tea, shower, and access to 'mp3 blog Saturdays,' days in which i troll the blogs for new music and listen whilst preparing for day, weekend, week, month, and long term goals and visions.

Here you have your work life and sleep, and time for gym and chow here and there in between.  The downtime comes in very short segments, and your tolerance for even the most moderate personalities is tested.

I doubt after this experience I'll ever have the conviction to raise my voice at anyone (as if I really ever have).  Life's too short for that, as the quote says, an argument just interrupts a good conversation.

This is a dry country (not county), and its been 120 days since I've had a beer.  I'm looking ahead to predict consumption patterns when returning to reality, my prediction, only on special occasions, and days that end in 'Y' don't constitute special occasions.

I ordered 5 new retail for 72 dollar Lacoste shirts on ebay for 125.  Why?  Because the 7 $12 gap shirts I brought out for the occasion have shrunk, I believe the washing method is drenching your clothes in boiling water.  According to the documentary 'Iraq for Sale', each bag of laundry runs 99 bucks to wash.  You sure could buy some viagara for that money back home.

I came out here and couldn't do one pullup, now I can do 7 in a row.  I came out not knowing what a 'dip' was, now I can do 30 in a row.  I walk 1 mile to work and back twice a day.  I do the wimpy treadmill for 30 minutes on a good day, 28 on a bad one.

The average temp since touchdown I'd say is about 110.  Often you have these storm type atmospheres, where back in Texas would be followed by rain, here there is no rain.  A buddy of mine said it sprinkled in March for a few minutes, and there was a sort of rain last October, a festive occasion in which scores of people whipped out there digital cams to take pics of the concrete.

The stench, filth, litter and civil disobedience can be at times uncanny, but much is kept in check by keeping the money flowing to company coffers.

When I look back on this 10 years from now, what I'll remember is valiant effort against monumental issues, having no idea how its going to all play out --

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