Thursday, October 08, 2009

In a dirty little room in a nasty little world

A page out of Viktor Frankl's book --


You always can make the best of the day and look at the bright side of things, or you can troll around and complain about any and everything.  These complainers I've learned to avoid like the plague.  What's been replaced is a new perspective on everyone I encounter during the day, work, the walk to and from, the gym, and other random scenarios.


Everyday walking to work I see 'up there' ranking servicemen and women, and even despite the 'everyone gets a trophy' awards that seem to be given out like candy, people do, for the most part earn the stripes, or whatever other distinguishing marks.  I'm surrounded by smart people with a lot of potential.


Walking to the showers every day I see 'Frances,' an Indian 'TCN', third country national, someone I wish spoke more English, but I DO know that he loves James Bond and the Transformers.  A simple smile and hey buddy go a long way, we start off the morning with a smile and brighten each other's day.  I can only imagine it's ingrained in people like Frances's head to call everyone 'sir', I consider it a score that he tells me 'Hey Dude!.'


Similar, the servers on the main line in the DFAC, from a distance away, they see me coming, they smile and go HEY HEY HEY, b/c I smile and ask how their day is going and have a great day in return.  I only wish we had more time to speak, everyone has a story to tell.


The gym, two people, one a beautiful girl, who wears the face to society of 'hey pervert, quit looking at my butt.'  I'm sure she has a story to tell.  And then there's the guy we call the 'perfume palace pimp,' the guy who's in the gym 4 hours a day, and if he's not fixing his spiked hair in the mirror, he's checking out his bicep.  They bring spice to the place, and their presence always makes me smile.


At work when you get the right people around a conversation, times get whimsical, as they should be when parsing through something big.  The greatest joy is when someone brings contributing elements to conversation and progress is achieved.


I hang around to get the full effect of the night crew, all good people.  I've had the pleasure to make friends with people here by just offering reassurance and acknowledgement that they are there.  It often blows my mind how simplicities of acknowledging your fellow humans goes so far.


My buddy Bob once said, I used to not think I was a people person until I met Rob.  I guess people skills are something I reluctantly have and that's the way it should be.


So tomorrow, I'm going to wake up, meet and greet these people again, we'll exchange smiles, pleasantries, and ideas, and my time here will continue to fly by, and I will be sad to leave one day --


Wherever you go, there you are right?

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Chezzer said...

This one made me smile big Robbers...I think that's a fantastic way to live! :)