Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Intelligence is dangerous, A virus of the brain you pass around, Dumb It Down

The new killer of society as we know it, the attention span deficit.  I *think* Einstein said something like 'I'm not the smartest, I just stick with things longer.'
Weather it be ridding Afghanistan of barbarians, concurrence on health care legislation, that extra 10 pounds you want to lose, or simply that book you keep puttin' off reading, the seeker seems to be a fleeting element in modern society.  While I think in context of history, the human race has been better off than it ever has, the pending issues need attention span more than anything.
News happens everyday, regardless of if there is something relevant to report or not.  The fine folks in the media who have to get the advertising dollars, or page clicks or whatever new and ingenious monetizing technique out there are giving you everything you need to know in nibble sized chunks of opinionated who-hash.
The next evilution could be in fact OW, My Balls, round the clock fun and excitement.
Why Democrat or Republican and why not 'affairs of the state,?'  Why Christian or Muslim and why not 'spirituality,?'  Why cake or pie and why not cake AND pie, why science or religion and why not 'the search for the truth,'?
Attention span, I wonder how many people use it for their benefit and how many are content with polishing rails.

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