Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Blinded by lovedust What did I see? A million, a billion, a trillion stars

Life is good, life is long -- desperately waiting for stimuli.  Chalk this year up as a time of learning tactical patience.  Robert life button pause, everything else on play.

Fast forward, I can't wait to be working IT generalist crap in Stuttgart while learning about the world, emerging nations, and all kinds of formulas and theories regarding free market capitalism vs. state sponsored capitalism in Prague. --

I look forward to sitting with a net book at a cafe in Stuttgart, I look forward to joining my 'classmates' on pub crawls and things like this in Prague.

Above all, I'm looking for a nice permanent address, at least for a year or so, something with indoor plumbing -- no guns, ammo, grenades, rockets, mortars.

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