Friday, November 13, 2009

I go to all the parties, I never have a good time, It's like we're acting out a movie, Mystery and Crime

As of late The Joel Plaskett Emergency's album Truthfully Truthfully has been on heavy rotation.  One tune on the album reminds me of a going to the local 'Circle K' to play Gyrus, Gun Smoke and Choplifter on big arcade games as a kid.  Mystery and Crime's texture reminds me of bad hair days, and a simpler life when 4 quarters for 4 games was one of the highlights of the week.  O but boy do those harmonizing guitars sound great.
From a literary sense I've been, as the quote says 'biting off more than I can chew and chewing like hell.  Books on the hook currently --

-- The Audacity to Win -- A political strategy book I've waited for with intent.  Reinforces that all politics are local, and finding your people and reaching out to them is just as effective as gerrymandering.  Winners are winners, I'd say we can learn from em' all ..--.. if we choose to do so. 

-- The Cluetrain Manifesto -- Great book on the psychology of digital conversation, although a bit dated provides a SOLID foundation that, to me, reinforces, technology = slam dunk, the blank canvas that it creates for you to paint on, well, that's another story.  One thing I find first hand to be true, It is soooo hard to break out of the initial anxiety phase in delivering prose, thoughts and ideas that are represented of yourself.  Your friends, family, employers, etc, etc are your critics, which by natural inclination makes you want to throw up barriers, barriers that lock you in to a mindset that's not per se of your own, but what your interpretation is of what others (your target audience wants to hear) --- What you get is a flat / sedate depiction of who you are, what you want to be, and a piece that is potentially boring, irreverent.  To quote a bad Wendy's reference, to me, the book not only asks 'Where's the Beef?, but let's frame the question in a way we can talk about it ... Don't write it well and walled up, write it open ended.

-- Fool's Gold -- Shows how some 30 somethings'  at JP Morgan that are good at 'credit default swapping' can really throw the world a breaking ball, the world swings and misses, by two feet.  Think the computer geek that rounds the fraction of a cent into his bank account is a crime, multiply that by a million and that's what gets by with 'innovative financial products.'  Bulls and bears are fine, but invisible hands, that's something else, the maggots in the system.  Knowledge is power, and as an individual investor, being aware of the silliness that happens, especially in small cap growth stocks, makes me shake my head in disbelief. 

-- The Post American World -- Not the popular spatter of typical intelligentsia or critics of the current administration as one may think.  It of course suggests the pie still grows, but a greater percentage is rightsizing abroad.  It suggests that America has been successful beyond its wildest dreams in pushing an agenda of democracy and open markets to dark corners of the world, now it has to open up even moreso to the game its mastered and continues to promote.  The US has the economics to do great things, the politics of the matter is a unique challange.

-- The Perfect Portfolio -- Doing your homework these days is not enough.  Looking at balance sheets, sales, cash flow, EPS and all these snappy technical indicators and a couple bucks will get you a bag of chips and a headache.  Back to those invisible hands and the role they play in manipulating the market is what makes predicting the market just as impossible as predicting the weather.  It suggests diversifying around 9 asset classes instead of the typical 3, and have a 'target market portfolio' for the shifting for the trends of the world today.  My target market currently is the Chinese Agriculture plays, CGA, YONG, CAGC, I've been happy with it, early next year (Feb / March), my gut says the tech sector will lead a faux recovery... In the age of derivatives, a fake recovery is equal to a real recovery, perception is reality, you look behind the curtain, there's another curtain with another curtain... how deep do you want to go with it?
-- Thinking Outside the Grid --  Pure and simple, the new power grid will be the greatest wonder of mankind one day.  Meanwhile Boone Pickins sells Texas wind to China.

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