Sunday, November 15, 2009

Spend my natural prime, thinking money and time, wondering where they go, and they go

YET ANOTHER pitch for Roman Candle, who's album has SKYROCKETED to perhaps my top 5 of all time.  They're talkin' to me, I'm listening intently and reading what they have to say, just so much to skim off the top.  It's truly like having a conversation with a best friend I haven't seen in a while, as if they went on a trip and came back and shared all kinds of perspective with you, minus the ego, glitz and glamour.
In the matrix of time, circumstance makes me think about folks who are fixated on money, contrary to popular belief, it really isn't myself.  A story that makes me cringe when I think about it -- I know a man from rural Shiner who amassed 77,000USD in his lifetime, only to die with it, all the while the family lives in near poverty conditions.  While it's a conscious choice to devote too many eggs to one basket, its beneficial to see those who are standing on one leg.
The Renaissance approach is a pursuit of balance.  From this standpoint it makes sense to 'quit while you're ahead', so to speak.  I recall leaving Austin Texas one blistering hot summer afternoon, a change of destiny, lots of cultural experience in tow and a wallet that was flat broke and busted.  I recall the anxiety of living with that imbalance.
These days, I don't look a gift horse in the mouth, and the tides have switched, now what I lack in culture and aesthetic is made up monetarily.  I've seen exploitation at it's finest, and it renders VERY unfavorable results on friends, family, egos and souls.
The imbalance either way sucks, and I'm happy to have been beached on two shores on the path of self discovery thus far.  I've learned many lessons on the path.
Next things to bake in are spirituality, This pursuit will take 20 years to a lifetime, and excited to continue the journey, the soundbyte that makes sense to me the most thus far, there is a god, you are not him.
Having a family of one's own is the perplexing wonder of cloud computing to me.  It's inevitable, progress, great perspective, etc. -- It's very scary to me having to be responsible for someone else, but for those of you who are, again, I tip my hat, y'all are awesome.

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