Saturday, November 07, 2009

Watch as the cracks in the wall feel pain, For only patterns on a snake's back give us genuine fear

This morning I told my buddy I'm popping on Thirteen Senses and diving into my duties.  I explain to him that they're great 'mellow white boy sentimental' music, perfect for zoning out during a morning of mindless repetitive tasks.

Often computer tasks are similar to the good ol' Henry Ford assembly line method.  For car makers, when the door comes over, you have to put the inside and outside handles on, the window, umm, the lock, and the dressing.  For computers its an array of files and disks and other peripherals that you perform comparable activities on.  When you break it all down to the fundamental pieces it's manageable, and it can get as complicated as you can imagine.

An excerpt from the tune 'The Salt Wound Routine' reminds me that much of what we fear never comes to fruition, and often we're further away from the glass ceilings than we think.
And all this ground beneath my feet
Has decided not to crumble into the sea
I walked in a house, it smelt of paint
And the ceiling it has no trouble with me

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