Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Dreaming, I was only Dreaming, Of Another Place and Time, Where My Family's From

It's hard to find good tunes like Before the Lobotomy anymore, but every now and then words and music line up and you get a 5-10 minute episode of bliss --

Buddies of mine have asked me to catalogue a 'lessons learned' or better phrased 'thoughts thought' from my first stint out in the desert, I plan to create an abstract version of the push / pull tug-o-war that often keeps me awake on sentiments here after a few good nights sleep.  One day I might even try to write a book about it that no one will read.  I can't wait to catalogue this stuff.

Speaking of books, the book I'm reading now asks 4 key questions

1 - Can we identify the problem
2 - do we know our internal capability
3 - does anyone do this well internally
4 - if someone does it well, can they help --

the precursors added --

0 - do we even need to work on this --

or if you want to get philosophical

-1 - what are we doing here?

These questions nor the geopolical challanges that now occupy the flat world won't be figured out today, not even with all the red eye you can drink.


Instead, the focus is on returning home, getting super excited to see family and friends. 

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