Sunday, December 06, 2009

Tell me what you think about this song --

Lots of abstract ideas floating around today -- Interesting what the mind thinks when there is no expectation from anyone, anytime, anywhere. -- I've always perceived speaking in absolutes was bad, but on the contrary, I find it easier to determine what's important with no expectation, -- rather acceptance. --

What about restaurants?  Ever think about, say, if the seating area is 500 square feet, how big does the kitchen has to be to accommodate a couple hundred people, etc - What's behind the curtain?

Trade Journals -- I recall a scene in The Aviator where Leonardo is playing the role of Howard Hughes, who is attending a holiday at girlfriend Katharine Hepburn's house.  The aristocratic  family asks Howard if he reads Vanity Fair, his rebuttal, no, I read trade journals.  He begins to talk about the bleeding edge state of the art engine in the new airplanes only to be ignored.

Game theory and candlesticks are something we bump up against every now and glaze over -- the more time you devote I'm assuming things like this get easier to understand.

Lots of meaning and lots of different subjects can be attained by the study of support and resistance.

The transient nature of life can often be maddening, people come and go, old friends new friends, motion without movement, thought leading to emotion and vice versa.

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ian said...

Great job! Thanks for sharing your story! I can't wait to hear more when I get to actually talk for more than a minute! You look awesome by the way - I hope you feel better too.